South Bend Lathe Nordic-25

Item (408) $13,500.00

General Specifications:

Make: South Bend

Model: Nordic 25

Serial No: N315E03GT0173

Capacities: Swing Over Bed 25”

Swing Over Cross Slide: 15-3/4”

Swing Over Gap: 34”

Length of Gap in front of Face Plate: 12-1/2”

Bar Capacity: 2-3/4”

Distance Between Centers: 118”

Head Stock: Spindle Speeds: (18) 18 to 1400 RPMS

Threads & Feeds: US Standard Threads: (35/128/ to 64 TPI) 96

Metric Threads: (128 to .625) 89

Longitudinal Feeds: (25) 0014 t0.0225

Cross Feeds: (25) 1-21/32”


Cross Slide Travel: 14-1/8

Tool Slide Travel: 8-1/2’

Tail Stock:

Taper: No 5 MT

Spindle Travel: 7-7/8”

Horse Power: 15 HP

Electrical: 220v/3ph

Equipped with: Jacobs Tail Stock Chuck, Live Centers, Dead Center, Tool Post, Tool Post Holders, Coolant, 15” Steady Rest. 8-1/2” Steady Rests 12” Chuck.

This Lathe can be inspected under power in MPLS, MN. Sold as-is and as-inspected.

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