Dealer of Machine Tools with over 20 years of experience in the machine tool industry. Source Machinery Sales; buys and sells industrial metal working equipment. Whether we buy one machine or an entire plant. Source Machinery Sales is interested in buying your surplus equipment. We also provide Auction services and Liquidation services along with Machine Storage and Rigging services.

Source Machinery Sale Moving Van
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Tubular Rivet & Stud Co #58E-70

Item (361) $750.00 Pedestal rivet machine features; 24″dia base, self feeding hopper, 120v single phase electrical, includes metal workstation, overall 51″x32″x63″ and approximately 450Lbs. Electric safety lockout (ram/actuator) needs repair.

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USM WTSE36 Eyelet Machine

Item (360) $2,250.00 Benchtop eyelet machine features; self feeding hopper, 120V single phase electrical, pneumatic actuation, s/n 2562, bolted to wood top metal frame work bench, overall 51″x32″x63″ and approximately 400Lbs.

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Chicago Rivet & Machine Co. #55-404

Item (359) $2,250.00 Benchtop Riveter features; self feeding hopper, 275-300Rpm Max, 928-jaws, 398-anvil, 972-driver,120v single phase electrical, pneumatic safety lockouts, machine is bolted to wood top metal frame work bench with overhead fluorescent lights. Overall measures 48″x33″x76″ approximately 550Lbs.

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Zierick 7000 Pneumatic Terminal Insertion PARTS Machine

Item (362) $100.00 Bench top pneumatic terminal insertion PARTS machine, measuring 52″x25 1/2″x32 1/2″, approximately 125Lbs and includes metal frame laminate top work bench. (Could not get ram to actuate while connected to pneumatic)

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Bracker Radial RN002 Orbital Riveter

Item (357) $1,250.00 Bench top cold-headed riveter features; pneumatic actuated ram, 110V, 60-cycle, 0.12HP electrical, 3″-throat, machine measures 28″x18″x23 1/2″ approximately 125Lbs. Includes metal frame, single drawer, laminate top workbench with over head fluorescent light, 120v power strip, pneumatic regulators, overall 60″x30″x94″ (please note demonstration video only connected to electrical and did not connect the…

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2 Head Rockwell Gang Drill

Item (354) $700.00 Features; #1MT Chuck, Belted Speeds, 8 1/2″-throat, 3/4HP, 220V, 3Ph electrical, 31″x17″-table, overall 40″x36″x76″ and 650Lbs.

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AirMite Pneumatic Press

Item (355) $750.00 AirMite DAP 194 bench top Pneumatic operated press, 4 1/4″-throat, 1″dia.-ram X 3 3/4″-stroke, upper die measures 4 1/2″-wide X 1/2″-tang, machine is bolted to aluminum plate 24″x24″x1/2″, includes rolling cart 24 1/4″x32″x32″ and approximately 150Lbs.

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Chicago Rivet & Machine Co. #175-129

Item (358) $2,250.00 Chicago rivet & machine co #175-129 bench top self feeding cold headed riveter features; 1509-jaws, 6694-anvil, 2205-driver, 120V/ pneumatic power requirements, mounted to metal bench overall 39″x29″x61″ and approximately 550Lbs.

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NEW Fanuc Spindle Assembly

Item (378) $2,750.00 NEW Fanuc Spindle Assembly model T25-LAD78-S0 for a muratec mw50 cnc, type-A06B-2671-B120#7231, crate measures 36″x27″x32″ and approximately 650Lbs.

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NEW SMC Pneumatic Rodless Cylinders

Item (368) $450.00 (2) NEW Model NCDY2S5L-1500 each measure 20 1/2″x4″x2 1/4″ and approximately 30Lbs.

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(34) NEW Pentair Filters

Item (367) $100.00 (34) NEW Pentair Model KE5K12S 5-Micron Filters and 15Lbs total.

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Hydraulic Rotary Cylinder

Item (366) $750.00 Model T03-87000-10; Remanufactured hydraulic rotary cylinder, 6″-size, 2-circuit type, approximately 3/4″Dia. through hole, s/n t121145, overall 11″x8″x8″ and approximately 35Lbs.