Okuma MB-46VAE CNC VMC 2004

Item (388) $24,500.00

Ace Center CNC Vertical Machining Center features; OSP-E100M Control, 2004yr, CAT-40 taper spindle, 32-ATC, 39.25″x20″-table, X=30″, Y=18″, Z=18″, 30HP Spindle motor 15,000Rpm, 220/480V, 3Ph electrical, S/n 107666, overall dimensions 99″x110″x105″, weight approximate 13,500Lbs. includes; all available manuals, Tsubaki model MT10 Chip conveyor 125″x40″x72″ and Gifu Aichi 35Kva Transformer (mounted on top of electrical panel)

DSCN0972 2 1 934x1024DSCN0974 2 967x1024
DSCN0973 2 961x1024


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