SFHS3050-Metal Laser Cladding Machine

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SFHS3050-Metal Laser Cladding Machine

SFHS3050 ultra-high-speed metal laser cladding machine is a self-developed ultra-high-speed laser remanufacturing equipment. This machine can meet the specification requirements of coating manufacturing and quick repair of shaft parts of various applications. The machine base is made of high-strength and high-quality cast iron materials, ensuring the stability and accuracy of the Cladding machine. The high-speed rotating headstock utilizes step-less speed changes, making it simple and quick to operate. It has a follow-up powder media tray, making it convenient for quick powder collection.
Technical Parameters of Metal Laser Cladding Machine SFHS3050
Model SFHS3050
Laser Power 6kw
Machine length 10′
Maximum rotation diameter 31.49″
Maximum capacity 6,600 lbs
Rotation rate 200rpm
Cladding thickness up to 1/16″
Cladding layer characteristics Restoration/Wear-Resisting/Corrosion-resistant

SFHS3050-Metal Laser Cladding Machine-Main Features  

1. Mechanical Assembly of Metal Laser Cladding Machine
The mechanical assembly of the cladding machine is primarily composed of the bed base, the headstock, the column and the beam. The bed base and headstock are made of high-strength cast iron. Followed by a rough-process, after annealing to eliminate internal stress, and finished after a secondary vibration aging treatment. This ensures the Cladding machine has high rigidity and excellent shock absorption.
2. High-Speed Laser Cladding Head
The high-speed laser cladding head is equipped with a ring-shaped high-speed cladding nozzle. Providing high-efficiency and high-precision cladding processing of the workpiece. The internal structure of the cladding head is completely enclosed to prevent the optical parts from being contaminated by dust. At the same time, it has an abundance of focused configurations and can be customized to meet the needs of different customers.
3. Double-Barrel Powder Feeder
The double-barrel powder feeder can provide long-distance powder transportation and meet the requirements of three-dimensional laser cladding and laser rapid prototyping. The system has a hardware failure self-detection function, which can send out alarm information in time when a failure occurs. Making operation safe and reliable.

Laser Cladding VS Other Processing Method

Laser cladding Spraying Galvanizing Overlaying Welding
Coating Layer Thickness up to 25/64″ up to 3/16″ 0.1-100μm 0.1-several mm
Workpiece Deformation Small Small Small Big
Bonding Form with Substrate Metallurgical Bonding Metallurgical Bonding Metallurgical Bonding Metallurgical Bonding
Bonding Strength High Relatively Low Low High
Coating Layer Hardness Controllable Controllable High Controllable

SFHS3050-Metal Laser Cladding Machine-Applications 

Metal Laser Cladding Machine SFHS3050 can repair wear, corrosion, breakage, scratches, casting defects of mechanical hardware. Cladding various metals, non-metallic materials such as tungsten carbide and ceramic powder. The surface of the substrate can be modified by acid and alkali – resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance.Laser Cladding Machine

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