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SFHS3050-Metal Laser Cladding Machine

By support | August 31, 2022

SFHS3050-Metal Laser Cladding Machine Introduction SFHS3050 ultra-high-speed metal laser cladding machine is a self-developed ultra-high-speed laser remanufacturing equipment. This machine can meet the specification requirements of coating manufacturing and quick repair of shaft parts of various applications. The machine base is made of high-strength and high-quality cast iron materials, ensuring the stability and accuracy of…

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SFMR02-Portable Laser Cladding System(Designed for On-Site Repair & Maintenance)

By support | August 31, 2022

SFMR02-Portable Laser Cladding System (Designed for On-Site Repair & Maintenance) INTRODUCTION The mobile robot laser cladding system is mainly composed of 3-parts: (1) the robot cladding system, (2) the laser, and (3) the water cooler. This Portable machine is ergonomically integrated, with a small footprint, making it easy to roll into place to setup. Which…