Hardinge DSM59 Second Operation Turret Lathe

Item (402) $2,850.00

Hardinge Second Operation Turret Lathe, 1Hp, 220v, 3Ph. Includes guard and assorted tooling. This lathe can be inspected under power in New Hope, MN. Sold as-is and as-inspected

DSCN1311 1024x768 DSCN1312 1024x768 DSCN1313 1024x768 DSCN1314 1024x768 DSCN1315 1024x768 DSCN1316 1024x768 DSCN1317 1024x768 DSCN1318 1024x768 DSCN1319 1024x768 DSCN1320 1024x768 DSCN1321 1024x768 DSCN1322 1024x768

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