CNC Press Brakes

1 300x300

BDC-2500 Servo Electric Press Brake

By support | August 30, 2022

   BDC-2500-Servo Electric Press Brake Introduction BDC-2500 Servo Electric Press Brake is an Machine for processing thin plates. Its main structure features; a tool holder, worktable, a clamping feeding device and a CNC operated table. The worktable is composed of a bristle-base and a positioning feed arm. The workpiece positioner clamped onto the worktable, articulates…

Metal Sheet Bender 300x300


By support | August 30, 2022

 BDE13032–CNC Press Brake INTRODUCTION This CNC Press Brake is designed to be operator-friendly, making it a safe and easy operation. It has a rigid steel frame to ensure precise bends and stable performance. With the DELEM-53T Operating system installed, provides a complete touch screen control solution for synchronized press brakes. TECHNICAL PARAMETERS  Models :BDE5016/BDE10032/BDE13032/BDE17032/BDE25032/BDE25041 Bending…