Tubular Rivet & Stud Co #58E-70

DSCN0493 scaled

Item (361) $750.00 Pedestal rivet machine features; 24″dia base, self feeding hopper, 120v single phase electrical, includes metal workstation, overall 51″x32″x63″ and approximately 450Lbs. Electric safety lockout (ram/actuator) needs repair.

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USM WTSE36 Eyelet Machine

DSCN0485 scaled

Item (360) $2,250.00 Benchtop eyelet machine features; self feeding hopper, 120V single phase electrical, pneumatic actuation, s/n 2562, bolted to wood top metal frame work bench, overall 51″x32″x63″ and approximately 400Lbs.

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Chicago Rivet & Machine Co. #55-404

DSCN0471 scaled

Item (359) $2,250.00 Benchtop Riveter features; self feeding hopper, 275-300Rpm Max, 928-jaws, 398-anvil, 972-driver,120v single phase electrical, pneumatic safety lockouts, machine is bolted to wood top metal frame work bench with overhead fluorescent lights. Overall measures 48″x33″x76″ approximately 550Lbs.

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Chicago Rivet & Machine Co. #175-129

DSCN0404 1 scaled

Item (358) $2,250.00 Chicago rivet & machine co #175-129 bench top self feeding cold headed riveter features; 1509-jaws, 6694-anvil, 2205-driver, 120V/ pneumatic power requirements, mounted to metal bench overall 39″x29″x61″ and approximately 550Lbs.

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