Greenerd HPB-7 Hydraulic 7-Ton C-Frame Press

DSCN0852 scaled

Item (395) $5,550.00 Hydraulic C-Frame Press features; 1999 year, 1.4 to 7-Ton Capacity,  7″-Throat, 14″x10″x1.5″-Table, 6″-Adjustable stroke, 60Hz, 230V, 3Ph Electrical, hand and foot controls, S/n 99T5875, Overall measuring 50″x35″x75″, approximately  1,000Lbs. Machine bolted to steel work station includes Heat Exchanger EK-505-0, Exair Super Ion Air Knife parts and Custom Die Set bolted to table.…

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DiAcro Houdaille #8 Hydraulic Tube Bender

DSCN0533 scaled

Item (246) $6, 750.00 Model 8 power bender; 360-degrees of bend, 3/8″x4″ flat steel bar (bent flat), 1 1/4″ IPS standard iron pipe, 3/4″ square mild steel bar (one operation), 3/8″x1″ flat steel bar (bent edge), 1″ round mild steel bar (two operation), digital remote controls on pedestal, 230V 3Ph electrical, includes assortment of dies,…

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AirMite Pneumatic Press

DSCN0396 scaled

Item (355) $750.00 AirMite DAP 194 bench top Pneumatic operated press, 4 1/4″-throat, 1″dia.-ram X 3 3/4″-stroke, upper die measures 4 1/2″-wide X 1/2″-tang, machine is bolted to aluminum plate 24″x24″x1/2″, includes rolling cart 24 1/4″x32″x32″ and approximately 150Lbs.

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